Introduction to the integrated protection and management of the forest heritage

Descrição do curso

This course is aimed at foresters and natural heritage professionals. It is an itroduction to the issues connected to the management and protection of integrated natural and archaeological heritage sites. The course explores how archaeological and natural heritage are interwoven in the landscape and what kind of management processes may be applied to protect them. It also presents a series of international case studies which describe how to use presented theoretical knowledge in practice.

The course consists of 6 modules available on-line via the e-learning platform. No traditional, in-class lessons are needed here. Participants will be asked to read the presented modules' content and publish posts on the course forum. To successfully finish the course the trainees will be asked to prepare a project which will use the presented knowledge in practice.

Estimated time for completion of the work with the course is ca. 20 hours (estimated time for individual work with the e-learning course is 10-15 hours and estimated time for group work is ca. 4-5 hours).


Advanced knowledge of the natural heritage management and basic knowledge of cultural heritage.

Quem oferece Adam Mickiewicz University
Modo de formação Scheduled online course
Grupo alvo Foresters, natural heritage specialists
Grau de Dificuldade Intermédio
Lingua Polaco
Autores Heleen van Londen, Marjo Schlaman, Andrea Travaglia, Kenneth Aitchison, Doug Rocks-Macqueen, Ben Lewis, Arkadiusz Marciniak, Kornelia Kajda, Luca Beraldi, Lieske de Wilde, Marcial Felgueiras, Miriam Cubas, Mikel Edeso, Barbara Grazzini, Lara Natalini
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