Types of Training Offered

THE HERITAGE EDUCATIONAL PORTAL supports the educational process by providing training using e-learning modules and curricula built from didactic materials stored in the E-Archaeology Content Repository. Five major forms of distance learning are supported:

  • scheduled course sessions with instruction and certification with content and examination available on e-learning platform and sessions delivered according to a fixed schedule;
  • certification sessions with exams for certification and available according to a fixed schedule;
  • open access to didactic materials on an e-learning platform, which has a form of community learning with no expert, but with discussion forums with facilitators;
  • E-mentoring involving consultation with an expert available online through a chat room, skype or other synchronous or asynchronous tool;
  • self-paced learning from didactic material available online on a website with no control or tracking / reporting on learners’ activity and no human support for learners.