Łącząc ekologię i archeologię: nowy horyzont

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Ecology and archaeology have to learn to work together. This Module aims to propose a new horizon for this partnership.

Las Médulas is an archaeological site and Cultural Park located in the province of León in the north-west of Spain. It is considered to have been the largest open-cast gold mine in the Roman Empire. This case study discusses the impact of mineral exploitation in the area that has formed the unique rural and mining landscape seen today.

The Boschi di Carrega Regional Park, Italy case study is an example of an integrated management of the site and heritage that benefited the promotion of the territory.

The Saving cultural heritage and biodiversity at one site – the case of old protestant cemetery in Brójce case study presents the ways of integrating protection of natural and cultural heritage. Using the example of protestant cemetery in Poland, we show how archaeologists, heritage professionals and biologists and ecologists may collaborate to save natural and cultural values of one site.

The Natural and cultural heritage in National Park of Peneda-Gerês, Portugal case study aims to present how natural and cultural heritage can benefit from each other’s presence, in an example from the north of Portugal.

The Integrated conservation objectives - conservation grazing at Allean, Loch Tummell case study presents an example of integrated heritage management in the UK – conservation grazing of a Neolithic monument near Loch Tummell, Scotland – wherein grazing techniques have allowed for management of the landscape which protects biodiversity and an ancient historic asset.

The historical garden through an interdisciplinary perspective case study is an example of the context in which an integrated strategy can be developed and applied. Cultural history, archaeology and nature preservation are explored in two examples of attractive touristic features that are acknowledged as green monuments.


Łącząc ekologię i archeologię: nowy horyzont

Łącząc ekologię i archeologię: nowy horyzont
Las Médulas: dziedzictwo archeologiczne, krajobraz kulturowy i ochrona przyrody
Studium przypadku: Boschi di Carrega Park Regionalny, Włochy
Ochrona dziedzictwa kulturowego i bioróżnorodności w jednym miejscu – przypadek starego cmentarza ewangelickiego w Brójcach
Studium przypadku: Dziedzictwo naturalne i kulturowe w Parku Narodowym Peneda-Gerês w Portugalii
Zintegrowane cele ochrony: ochrona pastwisk w Allean, Loch Tummell
Studium przypadku: Ogród historyczny z perspektywy interdyscyplinarnej
Dostawca UAM
Tryb szkolenia Open access online course
Grupa docelowa Archaeological professionals and students of archaeology
Trudność Średnio zaawansowany
Język Angielski
Autorzy Heleen van Londen, Marjo Schlaman, Andrea Travaglia, Lieske de Wilde, Marcial Felgueiras, Miriam Cubas, Mikel Edeso, Rosa Martínez, Nagore Zaldua-Mendizabal, Barbara Grazzini, Lara Natalini, Kornelia Kajda, Ian McKee, Matt Ritchie, Robin Waddell, Ben Lewis
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