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While heritage may be considered as ‘everything we have inherited’ along with what we wish to pass on, this understanding can lead to several management barriers, including economic and political constraints, to which new approaches may offer an escape.

La Choza de Trasmulas is a successful crowdfunded project to recover a small village through sustainable development and lifelong learning in Granada (Spain).

The Sustainable valorization of anthropic subsoil in Southern Italy. Value of anthropic underground, threats to its preservation and sustainable reconversion case study presents how challenging an ofanthropic underground preservation and sustainable reconversion is.

The Social funding of scientific research in Poland, The case of Chodlik case study shows how the social involvement result in financing an archaeological research of a site. Crowdfunding may be used as a new way of social engagement in culture (not demanding the direct involvement)and its management.

This Community management in a cultural landscape with high biodiversity, Castro Verde, Portugal case study discusses a bottom-up collaboration between a NGO and farmers to protect a cultural landscape and its biodiversity.

The Crowdfunding and Crowdsourcing for Heritage: Flag Fen Lives! case study introduces Flag Fen, the first crowdsourced and crowdfunded archaeological dig, which enabled participatory practice for some 250 people. Since the initial project, the popularity of the dig as a social, inclusive venture has inspired subsequent natural heritage projects to be performed in the area.

The Kendrick de Keyser - historic housing association for heritage managementcase study focuses on a small association which developed a good rapport with government and subsidiaries in order to influence the historic building decision-making process, promoting safekeeping and heritage management throughout the Netherlands.


Praktyki oparte na uczestnictwie

Praktyki oparte na uczestnictwie
Studium przypadku: La Choza de Trasmulas - projekt ratowania małej wioski poprzez zrównoważony rozwój i uczenie się przez całe życie finansowany w ramach crowdfundingu
Studium przypadku: Zrównoważona waloryzacjia antropicznego podglebia w południowych Włoszech. Wartość antropiczna obszarów podziemnych, zagrożenia dla ich ochrony i zrównoważone przekształcenie
Studium przypadku: Finansowanie społecznościowe badań naukowych w Polsce. Przypadek Chodlika
Studium przypadku: Zarządzanie społecznościowe w krajobrazie kulturowym o wysokiej bioróżnorodności, Castro Verde, Portugalia
Studium przypadku: Crowdfunding i crowdsourcing dla dziedzictwa - Flag Fen lives!
Studium przypadku: Hendrick de Keyser - wkład stowarzyszenia na rzecz zabytkowych budynków w zarządzanie dziedzictwem
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Grupa docelowa Archaeological professionals and students of archaeology
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Autorzy Heleen van Londen Marjo Schlaman Andrea Travaglia Doug Rocks-Macqueen Ben Lewis Kenneth Aitchison, Mikel Edeso, Barbara Grazzini, Lara Natalini, Kornelia Kajda, Lieske de Wilde, Ben Lewis
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