Europejskie krajobrazy kulturowe: szanse i zagrożenia

Opis szkolenia

This module introduces Europe's cultural landscapes as the basis for understanding the importance of crossing disciplinary boundaries to safeguard natural and cultural heritage.

In the Camino de Santiago case study, we offer a historical overview to The Santiago de Compostela pilgrim route.

The “Dolina Szyszyny” (Szyszyna Valley) – a place where the natural and archaeological landscape meet and coexist case study presents the ways in which integration of cultural and natural values of heritage in heritage management may contribute to the sustainable development of the region. Using a case of Szyszyna valley, we show how cooperation between various stakeholders resulted in establishing the ecological and environmental path used by tourists.

The Cork Oak on Montados - a cultural landscape in Portugal case study shows a good example of a sustainable cultural landscape in Portugal, illustrates how it is valuable for both nature and people, and indicates the need for heritage strategy.

The England's National Parks and the European Landscape Convention (ELC) case study aims to elaborate on the European Landscape Convention by introducing the distinct characteristics of its application within a UK context. The case study presents the specific issues of landscape approaches within the UK as identified by landscape researchers and conservation institutions, and examines how these challenges have been addressed by England’s National Parks.

The Wadden Sea is a marine wetland area in Northern Europe shared by The Netherlands, Germany and Denmark. It consists of gullies, tidal flats and salt marshes. Although it is a natural area, it also contains important elements of cultural heritage.


Europejskie krajobrazy kulturowe: szanse i zagrożenia

Europejskie krajobrazy kulturowe: szanse i zagrożenia
Studium przypadku: Camino de Santiago
Studium przypadku: Valcamonica
Studium przypadku: „Dolina Szyszyny” - miejsce, w którym krajobraz naturalny spotyka się i współistnieje z archeologicznym
Studium przypadku: Dąb korkowy w lasach montado - krajobraz kulturowy w Portugalii
Studium przypadku: Parki narodowe Anglii i Europejska Konwencja Krajobrazowa (ELC)
Studium przypadku: Morze Wattowe
Dostawca UAM
Tryb szkolenia Open access online course
Grupa docelowa Archaeological professionals and students of archaeology
Trudność Średnio zaawansowany
Język Angielski
Autorzy Luca Baraldi, Lieske de Wilde, Arkadiusz Marciniak, Miriam Cubas, Mikel Edeso, Giulia-Letizia Spezzani, Lara Natalini, Kornelia Kajda, Ben Lewis, Heleen van Londen, Marjo Schlaman, Andrea Travaglia
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