Urban Archaeology

Course description

This is an overall presentation of all aspects of practicing archaeology in urban settings. These include legal context, excavation methods, recording protocols, and documentation.

This is a self-paced learning from didactic material available online on website. There is neither control and tracking on training activity nor human support for learners.

Estimated time for completion of the work with the interactive e-learning course is ca. 2-3 hours.


Basic knowledge of the character of archaeological process and the nature of archaeological evidence.

Course structure

Urban Archaeology
Basic problems of urban archaeology
Resesarch strategy in urban archaeology
Research process in urban archaeology
Principles of gathering of relics
new level 2
Case Study Museum of London Archaeology
Case Study: Merida - managing Emerita Augusta
Provider Adam Mickiewicz University
Training mode Open access online course
Target group Archaeological professionals and students of archaeology
Difficulty Intermediate
Language English
Authors Module: Andrzej Gołembnik. Case studies: Kenneth Aitchison Rosa Martinez
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