Cultural Heritage Concepts for Natural Heritage Professionals

Course description

This course is designed to introduce natural heritage professionals to the key concepts and practices of cultural heritage, in order to aid integrated approaches to non-binary cultural and natural heritage.

Course Outline:
The concept, management and social consideration of cultural heritage was widely modified in the last decades of the 20th century. This learning module aims to introduce briefly the concept of cultural heritage, its different areas of expertise and the different strategies in its management (public and private sectors). The module also presents the European framework for the protection and safeguarding of cultural heritage, highlighting the main European conventions and regulations with the aim of introducing key legislation, policy documents, and international charters. The module incorporates some training in cultural heritage for professionals of other domains, focussing on the social implications of heritage, techniques and methods in archaeology, architecture and city planning, other alternate methods in of cultural heritage, landscape archaeology and the integration of cultural features within a landscape.



Provider Landward Research Ltd
Training mode Open access online course
Date available 15-05-2017
Expiring date 30-06-2017
Target group Natural Heritage Professionals
Difficulty Beginner
Language English
Fee Free
Authors Heleen van Londen, Marjo Schlaman, Andrea Travaglia, Kenneth Aitchison, Doug Rocks-Macqueen, Ben Lewis, Arkadiusz Marciniak, Kornelia Kajda, Luca Beraldi, Lieske de Wilde, Marcial Felgueiras, Miriam Cubas, Mikel Edeso, Barbara Grazzini, Lara Natalini
Doug Rocks-Macqueen